Autumn Gold

What a strange time it’s been over the last 6 months.  We are so pleased to have finally welcomed guests again in July after being in lockdown for 17 weeks during the spring and summer.  It’s been lovely to meet up with some old friends and make some new friends.

Tea by the River

We were delighted to welcome our Patron, HRH The Duchess of Rothesay to enjoy a cup of tea with Maggie and her husband Iain at our riverside picnic table.  It was such a lovely morning to show her the improvements we’ve made since her last visit and to share with her how COVID-19 has affected us.

HRH The Duchess of Rothesay

Taking tea at the riverside picnic table


The Garden Room

The Garden Room


As we did everything we could to make The Manse Courtyard as safe as possible we removed some excess furniture and other items from the Garden Room.  We also took away the computer and wonder how our guests feel about whether it’s necessary to replace it when restrictions are lifted?   When we opened in 2002  tablets and smart phones didn’t exist and we thought it was a great service to offer our guests access to the internet.  However, it hardly ever gets used anymore and I wonder if the space is better without it?

We do hope to be able to offer our ever popular coffee mornings next year, and think it will be easier if there’s less clutter in the Garden Room.  Please do let us know what you think.



A Really Useful Gift

I get asked for this piece of equipment so often, and I’m delighted we now have 2 zimmers to add to our extensive collection of special equipment available for our guests.  The lovely donor didn’t want to be named, but is a long-standing and very generous supporter of ours and we really appreciate this gift.

Zimmer Frames


A Wee Trail


Taylor paints the lovely stones

Taylor and her family have been coming on holiday here for years, and one of her hobbies is painting stones. This summer she  left quite a few around the place and I’ve really enjoyed them.  They are so cheerful and I’m hoping to make up a wee treasure hunt for them in time for next summer.  We’ll keep them safe indoors over the winter but here’s a sneak preview of a few:

Flowers stone Sunflower stoneButterfly stone